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A Poem About Estate Planning in the Style of Walt Whitman

Posted by Steve Worrall | Jun 09, 2023

O Captain! My Captain! In the realm of estate, Where plans are laid, where futures wait, I sing of wills and trusts, of legal grace, As I traverse the path to secure my place.

O lawyer! My lawyer! With wisdom and might, Guide me through the labyrinth, shedding light. With pen in hand, you craft my desires, Preserving legacies, quenching family fires.

O beneficiaries! My loved ones so dear, Awaiting the provisions that I hold near, Inheritance, a promise to be fulfilled, With meticulous care, the wishes instilled.

O assets! My treasures, both great and small, Protected and managed, ensuring their call. From lands to wealth, from bonds to art, To pass them intact, a significant part.

O documents! My shield and my voice, Living wills, powers of attorney, the choice, To make decisions when I cannot decide, To safeguard my interests, to be my guide.

O legacy! My mark upon this earthly plane, Estate planning, a gift I shall attain, For in the inked lines, my story is told, A testament to love, more valuable than gold.

O future! My uncharted and uncertain land, Estate planning, the map I firmly command, To ease the burdens of those left behind, A legacy of peace and tranquility, I find.

O Walt Whitman! My inspiration in verse, I borrow your style, your poetic traverse, To sing of estate planning, its profound weight, As I navigate life's final estate.

O Captain! My Captain! Estate planning I embrace, To leave a lasting impact, in time and space, With gratitude and hope, my journey shall commence, Navigating the realm of estates, in your poetic presence.

- Created with the assistance of Chat GPT

About the Author

Steve Worrall

As a sandwich generation kid himself (caring for both children and aging parents), Marietta Georgia Estate Planning Elder Law & Probate Attorney Steve (Stephen M.) Worrall KNOWS the struggles you are facing as you raise children, balance the demands of your job, and take care of your aging parent...