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Elder Law

At Georgia Estate Plan: Worrall Law LLC, we are committed to finding families solutions for their loved ones. As we age, our needs change, and we require more attention, care, and respect more than ever. If you are supporting your aging loved one financially, you may be worried about the costs of health care, how to pay for it, and if your loved one has any additional benefits that could help them.

We are ready to assist you. Our Marietta elder law attorneys offer personalized and caring legal counsel to families who are going through a change in their lives and need to know what their legal rights are.

Understanding Elder Law

Elder law encompasses a diverse range of areas that pertain to the issues that the elderly and aging members of our community encounter. We help families prepare for the advantaged stages of life by preserving their assets, properties, and other valuables.

Elder law also encompasses planning for any crises, such as when a family member quickly needs medical intervention or to be placed in a nursing facility. Our Marietta elder law attorneys cannot stress enough the importance of planning ahead and preparing for what may lie ahead in the future.

We take the time to get to know you, your family, and all of your needs. We provide all of our clients with personalized legal services and attentive, compassionate counsel. Planning for the future can be immensely stressful. That is why having legal counsel that you can depend on is so important. We only offer the most sophisticated, intelligent solutions to help our clients.

Call us at 770-425-6060 and let us identify the issues you and your family need to consider for long-term care of an aging loved one.