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How to Celebrate Holidays with Seniors During COVID-19

Posted by Steve Worrall | Dec 21, 2020

It's been quite the year, huh? Since COVID-19 took center stage, families with seniors have been scrambling to find ways to connect with their loved ones. And now, the holidays are upon us. What we really want to do is have a big family celebration where we can all cuddle up and drink hot cocoa. But that might not be the best idea right now. Many families are understandably trying to find other ways to be able to connect with their silver-aged loved ones during the holidays.

Need some help?

Here are some ideas:

  • Send your beloved senior a handwritten note. Tell them all the things you are thankful for. Tell them all the ways they have impacted your life. Tell them all the life lessons you have learned from them. Sending these positives thoughts can have a great impact on seniors who are missing loved ones this time of year, and can serve as a ray of hope for things to come.
  • If your senior enjoys technology, get them a holiday gift that can connect the two of you. There are the obvious tablets that can do the trick, but what about a gaming system? Imagine the hours of fun you could have gaming with grandma! And she would certainly have bragging rights to tell all her friends about her new skills and how cool her kids and grandkids think she is.
  • Give a gift that can either provide a new hobby or otherwise occupy the senior's time in the upcoming winter months. How about an indoor herb garden? Quilting supplies, new woodworking tools, puzzles, or scrapbooking materials might be great gifts. Can't afford anything right now? Handmake a scavenger hunt to set up in grandpa's front yard!
  • Reading a good book can provide a great escape or provide new insights. Send a copy to your senior and have a copy for yourself. Meet (in a responsible way, of course) on a weekly basis to discuss your progress and thoughts about the book. How does the book inspire you? What lessons can you apply to your own life? What characters do you most relate to?
  • Don't have a senior in your life but still want to help? Find a pen pal! Contact local nursing homes or assisted living centers to find local seniors who could use a buddy. Or, go online to getting connected.

From all of us at Georgia Estate Plan: Worrall Law LLC, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. And here's to a better 2021 ahead! Cheers!

SOURCE: WealthCounsel

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