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Don’t let another year pass without naming legal guardians for your minor kids!

Let 2018 Be The Year You Legally Document
Who Should Raise Your Kids
If Something Tragic Happens To You

Accidents, illness, incapacity….sudden death.

These things happen to great families every day without warning.

If you have minor kids at home, it's your responsibility as a parent to make sure your kids would be physically and financially cared for by the people YOU choose in your absence.

Telling family members about your wishes or writing them down on paper is NOT enough!

Instead, make it a priority this year to legally document your choice of guardians so that your kids stay protected now…and always.

New Year's Special!

FREE* Georgia Family Treasures Planning Session for parents of minor children ($600 value).  Get your legal and financial house in order and learn how to put a fortress of protection around your kids if something unexpected happens to you.

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